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 Whether you are an adult or junior golfer, and regardless of your skill level, Performance Golf London and the London Junior Golf Development Center is the place where you can:

  • TRAIN to enhance your golf skills with golf lessons from top instructors that are invested in your success.
  • Maximize your PRACTICE time using the detailed feedback delivered through our FlightScope technology
  • PLAY a round of indoor golf on the world’s top golf courses from right here in London on our HD Golf Simulator.



You owe it to yourself (and your golf game) to experience the quality of our coaching staff along with a pretty amazing facility with some very cool technology.

So, we are going to make this easy for you.

For $20, you get to play with all of our cool golf ‘toys’, experience what a great coach can do for your golf game, and decide if Performance Golf London is right for you.

What you won’t get is any hard-sell.

We let your new driving distance numbers do that for us.

If your ready to start, click here to register.

Still not sure.  Fill out the contact form below and let’s talk.